Founded by a love of bikes.

As a kid, my family moved around a bit, which gave me some phenomenal life experiences. We then landed in Montana where the allure of the great outdoors, and the opportunities it provided, made it difficult to ever want to leave. Cody, however, was a logical next step. The people, the community, the outdoors make this town an incredible place to live and play. It’s where I wanted to be.

I first discovered the freedom a bike can provide when I was the new kid in high school – after I'd lived overseas for 6 years. From the first time I stepped on to that old, hand-me-down mountain bike my mom gave me, I was hooked. My commute to-and-from school became a pivotal moment in my life. To say that bikes were my first love would be an understatement. This discovery opened up a whole new world for me and introduced me to most of my dear friends. Ultimately, this journey has provided me with an incredible community and some wonderful experience.

-Chris Guyer